Just turn on the radio or television news and be bombarded with the huge number of Pennsylvania traffic accidents that happen every day. And these are just the ones that involve traffic snarls, serious injuries or even death. We never hear about the smaller ones.

It is a safe bet to say that each of us, or someone we love, has been (or will be) involved in an auto, truck or motorcycle accident at some point in life. If we are lucky, we escape with little or no injury. But too often the results of a crash can leave us with medical bills, missed work, and an immediate future of pain and misery. And when someone else caused the accident, frustration tops the list.

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The Facts About Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Accidents

Our roads and highways are busy, dangerous places. Some days it seems like everyone has somewhere to go. We share the road with cars, commercial trucks, and motorcycles. What they all have in common is the fact that a human being operates every vehicle on the road—and human beings make mistakes.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provides some sobering facts about 2010 Pennsylvania vehicle accidents:

The total number of fatalities in all types of vehicles was 1,324.

874 of these deaths occurred in passenger vehicles.

433 involved alcohol-impaired driving, with a blood alcohol content over 0.08.

702 were speeding-related.

There were 223 total motorcycle fatalities.

An estimated 57 lives were saved by the use of motorcycle helmets.

164 deaths involved large trucks, like semis.

145 pedestrians and 21 bicyclists were killed in vehicle accidents.

Common Causes of Vehicle Accidents

While a Pennsylvania motor vehicle accident may be caused by many factors, there are some that are more common:

Driver Distraction: Cell phones are now the number one cause of roadway accidents. Number two is operating the radio or CD system. Eating in the car is also a serious distraction and causes many accidents. Looking away from the road at things like accidents also distracts drivers.

Drunk Driving: Approximately 40 percent of all traffic deaths in the U.S. are alcohol-related. Despite massive public education and checkpoints, people continue to drink and drive.

Drug Use: The use of illegal drugs like marijuana, cocaine, crack, and methamphetamine causes accidents. Over-the-counter medications and prescription drugs can also cause drowsiness, disorientation, memory problems, and unpredictable driving.

Bad Weather: Icy roads, snow, sleet, rain, and wind all contribute to a significant number of motor vehicle accidents.

Bad Roads: Poorly maintained road surfaces result in potholes and uneven pavement, both of which can cause your vehicle to veer out of control.

Mechanical Failure: Sometimes a car’s manufacture is faulty and accidents happen. More frequently, car owners do not maintain their vehicles correctly and accidents result.

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