One minute you are going about your business—running errands, getting a cup of coffee at work, or visiting a local restaurant. The next minute, you find yourself slipping or tripping on some unseen hazard and on your way to the emergency room. It only takes a second to turn an average day into a nightmare.

And when the dust clears and you have the time to stop and think about what happened, there is a very good chance that your injury could have been prevented. Often someone else’s mistakes can cost you dearly in medical costs, loss of income and the pain of a severe injury.

That is why Schell Law Office urges you to contact us immediately when you suffer a Pennsylvania slip/trip and fall accident. We have 28 years of experience handling cases like yours throughout central and Eastern Pennsylvania.

The Facts About Slip/Trip and Fall Accidents

When it comes down to it, the statistics on this type of accident are startling. The annual data in North America indicates that slip/trip and fall accidents:

  • Cause over 540,000 people to be hospitalized.
  • Result in over 300,000 disabling injuries.
  • Cause the deaths of 20,000 victims, or about 55 people per day.
  • Are the most common accident type in public buildings, including hotels, restaurants, and stores.
  • Kill more workers than all other types of on-the-job accidents put together.
  • Cost an estimated $100 million per day in related expenses.

It Can Happen Anywhere, to Anyone

If we are lucky, after we fall, we brush ourselves off and continue on our way, more embarrassed than injured. In fact, most Pennsylvania slip/trip and fall mishaps don’t usually cause more than minor bumps or bruises. But in the more serious cases, people can suffer painful, even disabling, injuries, or even death.

The most common injuries that may occur include:

  • Head injuries.
  • Injury to the back or spine.
  • Muscle strains, sprains, and tears.
  • Broken bones.

And the most common causes are:

  • Wet or slippery surfaces: Highly polished stone or tile floors, spills, mud, rain, black ice and snow can all cause unsure footing.
  • Inadequate lighting: It is the property owner’s responsibility to be sure that walkways are well lit.
  • Changes in elevation: Examples are curbs, sidewalk cracks, stairs, single steps and potholes.

Let Us Come to You

If you or someone you love has suffered a central or eastern Pennsylvania slip/trip and fall injury, Greg Schell has the experience, reputation, caring and knowledge to evaluate your case and give you the honest representation you need.

Although located in Philadelphia, Greg Schell will come to your hometown to meet with you. He believes that the last thing an injured client needs is to fight traffic driving into the city.

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