Just like any motor vehicle, your motorcycle needs a regular, routine maintenance and service. Depending on the motorcycle brand and manufacturer, your bike could need a routine service sooner than others. Make sure you review your owner’s manual in order to keep your bike in top condition.

Pre-ride checks are essential before every ride:

1. Look for any defects or damage to the bike to ensure your safety and the safety of other vehicles on the road.

2. Keep your motorcycle clean; dirt and debris can cover up or hide a dangerous condition.

3. Have a tool kit handy in case of any situations where you must do minor maintenance on the side of a road, highway, or trail.

4. Always have the owner’s manual on the motorcycle because it  provides important tips and information in case of an emergency.

5. Consistently check your battery levels, headlights, brakes, and tires to make sure that these parts are functioning correctly.


                                 Be Smart. Be Safe. Be Seen.


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