Motorcycle Safety: What to Wear

                        Make a Fashion Statement by Investing in the Right Gear

Wearing the proper protective gear to ensure your own safety is an essential part of riding a motorcycle. Make a fashion statement. Use the gear which meets the federal safety standards approved by the Department of Transportation. You should also consider investing in brightly colored clothing to ensure that other drivers can see you.



All riders should wear a helmet every time they are on a motorcycle. A majority of motorcycle fatalities are a result of head injuries. Buying a helmet that fits correctly, meets safety standards, and also provides comfort to the rider can help eliminate serious injuries.

Eye Protection:

Invest in riding goggles or a helmet with a shatterproof shield to keep your eyes protected from any dirt or debris that can kick up from the road.

Jacket and Pants: These items should be made out of very tough material in order to protect the rider. Leather usually provides the best protection.


Gloves: Just like a helmet, gloves should be worn every time you are on a motorcycle. Seasonal gloves are available for a rider to use depending on the weather conditions.

Boots: Boots above the ankles made of leather and rubber are keys to ultimate protection.

These are the basic necessities for motorcycle equipment. Be sure to invest in the right equipment and take the time to ensure that you are protecting yourself, as well as the drivers around you.

Be Smart. Be Safe. Be Seen.


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