While you can find plenty of helpful information about your Philadelphia personal injury accident right here on this website, we also want to provide you with additional resources.


We believe that the more informed you are, the better decisions you can make. These personal injury resources are designed to put you in touch with both non-profits and government agencies in the area that specialize in injuries and accidents like yours.

Pedestrian and Bike Accidents

  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center

    The Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center (PBIC) is a national clearinghouse for information about safety, advocacy, and education for pedestrians—including mass transit users—and bicyclists. The organization serves anyone interested in pedestrian and bicycle issues, including city planners, engineers, private citizens, law enforcement, and health care workers. The website offers great breadth in its coverage of pedestrian and bicycle issues.

  • Pennsylvania Bicycle Laws

    This document, provided by the Police Department of Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, compiles the laws applicable to bicyclists in the commonwealth. Although the legal language is stilted and a little dry, it makes for rewarding reading for anyone interested in the fundamental rules of the road for bicyclists.

  • Pedestrian Safety and Laws in Pennsylvania

    This document compiles the visual aids from a 2009 address by Gary N. Modi, head of the Safety Management Division of the Pennsylvania Bureau of Highway Safety & Traffic Engineering. It reviews the challenges facing urban designers in dealing with pedestrian traffic and the need to plan for pedestrian safety. The document provides an interesting and fresh perspective on pedestrian accidents.

  • Transportation Alternatives: Accidents

    Transportation Alternatives is a New York-based advocacy organization favoring mass transit, bicycling, and walking over traditional motor vehicles. This chapter of their online book Bicycle Blueprint discusses the risks to bicyclists and pedestrians from vehicular traffic.

Slip/Trip and Fall

  • Wikipedia: Slip and Fall

    The Internet encyclopedia anyone can edit discusses tort liability law in the United States. Read this material for a basic understanding of the issue.

  • Proving Fault in Slip, Trip and Fall Accidents: Free Legal Advice

    The Nolo legal site offers free legal advice and information on a great variety of topics. The link provided here will take you to a discussion of fault and liability in slip/trip and fall accidents.

  • CDC: Fall Risks for Older Adults

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offer facts and safety tips aimed at helping older adult Americans avoid the pain and injury of falling. This site also provides links to more useful information.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

  • The Motorcycle Safety Foundation

    The Motorcycle Safety Foundation is best known for developing and conducting well-regarded training courses for riders, but the organization is involved in all aspects of road safety for bikers and their passengers. This website features a wealth of text and video resources, and includes a section of state laws for motorcyclists.

  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is a federal agency created in 1970 to monitor and strengthen traffic safety across the United States. NHTSA works to help prevent vehicle crashes and their costs in money and lives. The website stresses information on both safe driving practices, vehicle safety systems, and statistics and facts about roadway accidents.

  • Just Drive PA

    A project of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Just Drive PA is a web-based program to encourage driving safety throughout the commonwealth. The traffic safety information and frequently asked questions sections are especially helpful for the inquisitive reader.