Sooner or later, the inevitable question from your kids or other young children asking for a ride on the back of your motorcycle will come up. Before giving in to their pleading smiles, your first concern must be about their safety. Several basic, yet important rules should be followed:

  1. Be sure to give the young passenger a helmet that correctly fits; a helmet too large or too small can be uncomfortable and not serve its true purpose.
  2. Proper riding gear is a must for young children. They should be wearing the correct helmets, pants, jackets, boots, and gloves.
  3. Make sure the child is ready to ride and that he or she is aware of the dangerous conditions if they do not cooperate.
  4. The child must be properly restrained in the passenger seat because they are at risk for easily falling off the bike; do not allow a child to sit in front of you.


All kids are different. In deciding whether or not to allow a young child on the back of your bike, make sure they understand the rules. If riding on your bike becomes a regular activity, allow the child to slowly adapt from shorter rides to longer ones that they can handle.


Be Smart. Be Safe. Be Seen.