Much of motorcycle safety discussions are geared towards the rider and how they should handle the bike on the road, protective gear, and how to know their own limits. Little safety information and guidelines are available for passengers. The responsibility of a rider greatly increases with someone else on the bike, but it is also the responsibility of the passenger to have some of their own rules for the road. If you do not feel comfortable with rider, do not get on the motorcycle.

1.  Ask the rider specific safety precautions in order to ensure that you are taking the right steps:

  • How to mount and dismount the bike.
  • The best position to sit on the back of the motorcycle.
  • What type of riding gear you should be wearing.
  • Where should you hold on; to a strap, on the bike, or the rider’s waist.
  • The specific spot to rest your feet.                                 

2.  Create certain communication signals because often you cannot speak since bikes are loud and the wind makes it difficult to hear:

  • One squeeze or tap on the left shoulder means you would like to stop at the next available time.
  • Two squeezes, you need to stop as soon as possible.
  • Thumbs-up or thumbs-down could mean you are comfortable with the speed or you would like the rider to slow down.

3.  Sit still on the motorcycle:

  • Trust the rider to maneuver his/her way on the road.
  • Remember to relax and not tense up or jolt the rider in any way.

Be Smart. Be Safe. Be Seen.