While most legal experts will refer to this type of accident as “slips, trips and falls,” there is a definite difference between the three. However, very often a slip or a trip results in a fall, so the terms are related. The difference lies in what causes you to be injured and what conditions caused the accident in the first place. Here are the basics:

  • Slips happen when there is not enough friction on a walking surface to keep your feet from slipping. While ice, rain and snow are likely culprits, highly polished stone and tile floors or spilled liquids can also cause slip accidents to occur.
  • Trips are caused by many circumstances, but usually involve your foot hitting an object, causing you to lose your momentum and get off balance. When a trip results in a fall, serious injury can occur.
  • Falls are generally seen as an abrupt change from one level to another. Falls can happen on stairs, ladders, scaffolding or, as we have said, simply by slipping or tripping. Falls can be caused by slips or trips, but can also happen when working at a height.

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